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Vitiligo: Is it Treatable?

In India, thousands of people are suffering from Vitiligo, a chronic, autoimmune skin disease. It is a condition, where the person loses his/her normal color and develop milky white patches in the body. Medically, Vitiligo is also termed as leukoderma.

What Happens in Vitiligo?

The exact cause of Vitiligo is still not clear, but the experts believe that it occurs due to the loss of melanin (pigment), caused by the destruction of melanocyte cells. Melanin is the important key substance, which gives not only the color of the skin, but also protects it from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Melanin is produced by the melanocytecells in the skin.

The patients with Vitiligo may suffer from social stigma and psychological issues like, depression, lack of self-confidence, mood swing, etc. In this condition, family support is very important for the patient.

Vitligo Surgery

What Are The Types of Vitiligo?

Depending on the number of the patches, Vitiligo can be divided into three types;

1. Focal Vitligo: In this, the patient has only few white patches or spots in one specific area.
2. Generalised Vitiligo: The patient has many patches all the over the body, which gradually, spreads to both the left and right sides, in a symmetrical manner. It is the commonest type of Vitiligo.
3. Segmental Vitiligo: In this type, the patient has the patches only on one side of the body. This type of Vitiligo is very rare.

What Are The Treatments Available?

The good news for all the Vitiligo patients is that, Vitiligo is treatable. In India, Vitiligo treatment in Delhi is very cost effective. There are many treatment options available to get rid of Vitiligo, which depends on the size, area and number of the patches. The treatment of vitiligo is divided into following categories:

Vitligo Surgery

Medication Therapy:

1. Steroid: Topical steroid creams are considered as the best and simple therapy for the treatment of Vitiligo.
2. Psoralen phtochemotherapy (PUVA)
It is a medication that contains certain chemicals. The chemicals react with ultraviolet rays and causes darkening of the skin. It is available in the form of topical and oral supplement: • Psoralen photochemotherapy (Topical): It is very helpful for the patients, who have only few patches, affecting only a single area.
• Psoralen photochemotherapy (oral): It is effective in the patients with larger number of patches, more than 20% of the body.
3. Laser therapy: It is done by using UVB light. The therapy is very good for small areas.
4. Light therapy: It is done with the help of narrow bands of UVB light. It is best effective in areas like face, limbs and trunk.
5. Depigmented therapy: This therapy is recommended if the Vitiligo is spread all over the body where the other treatments don’t work.

Surgical Option:

There are three types of surgical treatments available to manage Viltigo:

• Skin Grafting
• Blister grafting
• Melanocyte Transfer

The surgical treatment is opted for the patient, if the medicinal therapy or laser therapy does not work.

Other Therapy:

• Sunscreen
• Cosmetics

You can find many proficient doctors for Vitiligo Surgery in Delhi, who can provide you their best job by giving you the excellent results. You can call +91-9818704499 to get the world class treatment of Vitiligo.

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