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Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi | Hair Transplant by FUE & FUT Method

Care Well Medical Centre breakthrough advancements in FUE Technology for the best results after Hair Transplant Treatment at our Delhi Center for Hair Loss

hair transplant in delhi

“No Hair to Dense Hair”

Why Care Well Medical Centre for Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi

We, a team from Care Well Medical Centre have been in Hair Transplantation for last 10 years. Initially FUT or Strip method was used. From last 4 years FUE is gaining popularity. We started FUE in 2010 and were doing 1000 grafts in one sitting. With advent of new technologies, refinement in techniques of surgery our results have improved drastically. We are able to remove 3000-4000 grafts in one sitting depending on density of donor area.

Our techniques have been inspired by eminent Hair transplant doctors as Dr. James Harris who is founder of Powered FUE – S.A.F.E technology. We are using a modified version of it. With this technique the graft transaction and injury rate has decreased from 30% to less than 10%.

The new techniques which we use to improve the results are following:

  • We are using minimal fluid for anesthesia about 1cc per sq cm .This reduces post operative swelling and facial edema.
  • We are using blunt burrs in dissection instead of sharp burrs so the transaction rate decreases.
  • In extraction technique we strictly follow protocol of Axis Orientation, Engagement, Advancement and Extraction. To assist in axis orientation we use Magnification of 6X. This avoids improper axis orientation. We keep in mind to keep the centre of Burr in alignment with direction of hair follicle.
  • For Engagement we allow the leading edge of instrument perpendicular to skin.
  • Once engaged we make it sure that that advancement is at slower than initial speed and the burr moves effortlessly.
  • We are very careful about transections and Burials and adjust the angle of burr, and speed if we face graft injury.
  • The proper dissection is indicated by graft elevation by 1-2mm. This allows easy extraction of grafts.
hair follicles

Hair Follicles

All the above mentioned steps help to increase the number of grafts extracted without any damage.

We are very careful about storage of grafts and keep them at 2-8 degree Centi. This improves our graft survival.

In graft implantation we use 40-50 grafts per which improves the results of hair density in recipient area.

So if you think that getting Hair transplantation from any place does not matter think twice??

It is all about experience, technique, team and dedication which can change results from no hair to dense hair.

Thick Hair Make You Look Ten Years Younger

Hair trouble is extremely basic among all the individuals because of innovative way of life and hereditary reasons. Men and women both face this issue and it has gotten to be normal for both around the globe in all age groups. The best and the lasting answer for hairlessness and hair misfortune is Hair Transplant, the best Hair loss Treatment.

In India, in the heart of Delhi one of the generally famous hair transplant center is Care Well Medical Centre. It has one of the best ultra advanced setups and has generally prepared gathering and unique holding up space for the patients. Individuals from all over Delhi & nearby cities and even Non Resident Indians are being served for hair transplant surgery and hair loss treatment at our Delhi Hair Transplant Center, as we are providing treatment of International standard. We know that loss of hair is very disturbing for all men and women, and when we cure hair loss with the help of hair transplant at our Delhi centre, we want it to be in perfect shape.

Hair substitution surgery is considered as a reconstructive treatment for hair misfortune created because of blazes or trauma, which may be secured by wellbeing protection. This can further improve your self-assurance and your general appearance. Nevertheless, the results will not match your desire. To serve as a giver, you have to have sound hair development at both the sides of head and at the once more for hair substitution competitors. Contributor zones are typically the spots on the head from which folds and unions are taken. The primary objective of this surgery is to discover most productive uses for existing hairs. Hair shade, Texture and waviness are a percentage of alternate elements, which may influence nonessential results. These days, for hair substitution surgery, there are a few strategies utilized, from which to accomplish the best comes about. Opening unions, micro-unites, smaller than usual joins and strip unions are some transplant strategies, which are generally done on patients, who wish an ostensible change in hair totality.

Corrective surgery is an alternate system to enhance quiet's appearance. Typically, it is performed on ordinary structures of the body. The greater part of the individuals all over strives for this surgery, when they are troubled and unsatisfied with their appearances and when they need to look a bit changed. To enhance patients appearance is its sole reason. A considerable lot of the individuals try for this surgery when they need to get changed to themselves and their looks. The primary three sorts of corrective methods incorporate breast inserts, Rhinoplasty and Liposuction. The gigantic expense is one of the best hindrances of corrective surgery. For some patients it is a lavish attempt, which shows a money related hardship. A hefty portion of the nonessential surgeries are carried out at a sensible expense and the individuals who wish different surgical strategies will effortlessly end up with hospital expenses which can surpass normal specialist's yearly salary.

Hair transplantation before & after

Hair transplantation is a surgical system that includes collecting of hair follicles with encompassing tissues from one piece of body (giver site) and set masterfully to bare or going bald site (the beneficiary site). There is chiefly two system of follicle collecting is being used one is called FUT (Strip strategy) and other is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Essentially hereditarily safe hair follicles are transplanted to the bare scalp and new hair develop to stay for long life. Men hair as well as hair of in Women, Eyebrow, Beard, and Mustache can be restored utilizing FUE Hair Transplant system. This surgery is single day procedure and is very easy. Patient stays cognizant amid the technique. Patient can backtrack home before the end of hair transplant.

Major Approaches to Fight Hair Misfortune & Keep Up/ Re-Develop Hair:

1. Scar-less Hair Transplants with FUE Method
Contrasted with the "strip system”, "Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)”, keeps away from a scar in light of the fact that units are reaped each one in turn with minor punches that mend practically undetected so you can at present buzz your head. "There are two methods for gathering unions: physically by the specialist, and consequently by a machine that accelerates the cut making process however may be less precise," says Dr. "It takes more time to join singular hairs and expenses all the more.

The Cost: It relies on what number of unions you have taken and the normal system is somewhere around 1600 and 2200 unions. At Care Well we have expertise to successfully process 3000 to 4000 grafts in a single sitting.

2. Cell Therapy called PRP Therapy
How it functions: A little measure of your blood is spun in a rotator to divide the platelets and develop variable proteins that support recuperating.

3. Using Hair Loss Prevention Products
This is the minimum extravagant system to stop hair misfortune, yet over the long haul, it comes to fruition the same as these items like managed utilization; overall, the impacts are negligible.

Our transplant have restored bliss and certainty to hundreds individuals from Delhi NCR by all around beneficial hair transplant surgery to them requiring little to no effort.

4. Single Pass Technique
It is a known reality that a virgin scalp gives best hair transplant results. At Care Well, we continually perform uber sessions of more than 2000 follicles and giga sessions of up to 4000 follicles in a solitary session. This is conceivable through our interesting methodology to follicular reaping and progressed analyzation systems. More hair for every session for you implies more scope and better thickness.

5. Anesthesia
The most tormenting piece of hair transplant system is organization of anesthesia. A redid soporific arrangement is utilized which provides for you very effortless anesthesia. On the off chance that you are frightened of even one shot.

6. Quick Grow Protocol
We routinely utilize peri-agent hair development enhancers for snappy development and better thickness after surgery. The convention includes utilization of medications to upgrade your scalp conditions before transplant, infusions of development variables straightforwardly into the scalp and a mix of laser treatment and drugs after transplant. This convention has given 20% enhanced thickness and faster development than most standard centers.

How successful is a hair transplant?

The best hair transplant Clinic in South Delhi has achieved 100% result for the past two decades. This is due to the experience of the hair transplant surgeon and their clinical staffs. However, the hair transplant success rates differ with hair transplant clinics, hospitals, and dermatology center. The people with hair loss must note that it will take at least six to one year to see a dense and thick hair re-growth on the hair transplanted area. That too it depends on how a patient does after surgery hair care. He or she must use a topical solution like the Minoxidil and multi-vitamin and mineral tablets.

Hair transplant is natural. The hair transplant surgeon places your healthy hair in the bald area. It will grow naturally and look like natural hair only. Therefore the success rates are more than any other hair loss treatments. One must research the hair transplant results with various hair transplant clinics in India. He or she must go with the most reputed and trusted clinic for hair transplant. They will be having more success rates.

How much does hair transplant cost in Delhi?

The bald people must note that there is no best cost of hair Transplant. The proven FUE hair transplant in Delhi takes various dermatological examinations of their patients. It is not sure that a patient has to undergo FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplants. He or she may be more suitable for Follicular unit transplantation (FUT). These two methods are decided after a full medical test and based on the clinical test report.

Next is the number of grafts he or she may need to transplant. Normally, a painless hair transplant in Delhi cost starts from INR 30,000 to INR 1,000000. The cost is inclusive of the below-mentioned factors.

  • Reputation of Hair Transplant Surgeon
  • Clinical cost including technical staffs
  • Emergency care
  • The patient and his Alopecia type
  • Dermatological tests
  • The patch sizes to be transplanted
  • After hair transplant surgery cost

Therefore, the cost varies with clinics for hair transplantation in Delhi. The hair transplant surgeon in Delhi may charge INR 25/- to 50/- per grafts. If you need 2000 grafts, the cost with INR 25/- will be INR 25/- x 2000 grafts. That is equal to INR 50000/-

Who is the best hair transplant surgeon in India?

Clinics for Hair Transplant in Delhi are many. However, hair transplantation is also done in multispecialty hospitals under dermatology. The best hair transplant surgeon may work with a multispecialty hospital and in other clinics too. It is not advisable to contact such hair transplant surgeon. The best hair transplant clinic in Delhi will be owned by an experienced hair transplant surgeon. They will have the best success rates.

It is advisable to search for the top 10 hair transplant clinics in Delhi. You have to go with a hair transplant surgeon who has more than 90% success rates. This you can find with reading online reviews on hair transplant in Delhi. In this way, you can find the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. He will be working in his clinic.

Which hair transplant method is best?

There are two methods of hair transplant. However, a clinic may modify their names to attract patients in the name of hair loss treatment. One must not fall prey of such bad practices in dermatology. When you go for a free consultation in the best hair transplant Clinic in South Delhi, the hair transplant surgeon will discuss the below-mentioned two methods.

  • FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplants
  • FUT or Follicular unit transplantation

However, the hair transplant surgeon will decide, which method is the most suitable for you to bring a better result. This will be considered after a complete medical examination of the patient. The factors to adopt a method may be as follows.

  • The patient’s age and type of alopecia
  • The bald patch size
  • The presence of healthy hair in the donor area
  • Patients past medical history (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases if any)
  • Patients scalp health.

Hence, the doctor will decide, FUE or FUT is the best for his or her patients.

Is hair transplant safe and permanent?

Yes, hair transplant is a safe and permanent solution for both the sexes with hair loss problems. The best hair transplant clinic in Delhi takes your natural hair and harvest in the recipient area or your bald patch. Your natural hair grows once again in the harvested area. This is a safe method, which is done through hair punches on your bald scalp. Local anesthesia is given on the donor and recipient area while performing hair transplant surgery. Therefore, a patient will not feel any pain. Moreover, it is a day-care surgery.

Hair transplant is a permanent solution for baldness or hair loss treatment for men and women. Once the new hair starts growing, it will grow in a thick and dense form. The transplanted hair may fall. The new hair which grows from the transplanted area will look natural. Therefore it is a permanent and natural solution for treating baldness due to hair loss. Hair transplant from the best hair transplant Clinic in South Delhi is safe for all age of people.

What are the side effects of a hair transplant?

There are very fewer side effects when you do this surgery from a reputed clinic for Hair Transplantation in Delhi. There will be the below-mentioned side effects when you do this surgery from an inexperienced surgeon and unsophisticated hair transplant clinics.

  • Bleeding is common while doing hair transplant. However, a patient must not over bleed due to technicians doing hair transplant.
  • Infection on the scalp can arise due to an unhygienic clinic. They may use the same hair punches for all patients. They may not sterilize the surgical instruments due to very fewer staffs and numbers of patients are more for a day-care hair transplant surgery.
  • There will be a scare mark on the donor area. It will make you burning sensation until it gets healed.
  • A patient can feel itching sensation after hair transplant surgery.
  • There can be swelling on the scalp area due to local anesthesia.
  • Folliculitis can happen when you undergo Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplants or FUE.
  • A patient can feel numbness after a hair transplant for a longer time.

How long does it take to recover from a hair transplant?

When you pay the best cost of hair transplant, the hair transplant surgeon will tell the maximum time to see the best result. The recovery time also depends upon the below-mentioned factors.

  • Patient’s age and stage of alopecia
  • Patients present state of health (diabetes & cardiovascular diseases)
  • Patient’s lifestyle (Tobacco, alcohol and consuming fast foods)
  • After hair transplant surgery mediation and hair care

Normally it may take a week to recover from a hair transplant. It is advisable to do as your doctor suggest doing for aftercare surgery. This will make you recover fast. For this, you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. One must not think that taking higher Hair Transplant cost in Delhi can recover you at a faster rate. However, one can expect faster recovery, when you do from the best hair transplant surgeon in South Delhi.

Can a hair transplant fail?

The success rate for Hair Transplant in India is 90%. However, hair transplant surgery can fail due to the below-mentioned reasons.

Inexperienced Hair Transplant Surgeon

One must take hair transplant surgery from a surgeon, who is having more than five years of experience. An inexperienced surgeon hair transplant may fail.

Clinic Type

An advanced or a modern clinic for dermatology is the best to avail hair transplant surgery. The hair transplant surgery can fail in unauthorized clinics. They may not have an emergency care facility, technical and clinical staffs.

Unauthorized Person Doing Hair Transplant

The hair transplant surgery will be a failure when a technicians or a lab assistant do hair transplant. These are mostly happening in non-professional clinics.

After Surgery Treatment

One may try in a hair transplant cost in Delhi, which is cheaper. However, a patient must spend for after surgery care treatment too. If a patient does not spend on those medications, he cannot expect hair transplant results. It will be a failure.

Do you have to shave your head for a hair transplant?

If your scalp health and hair health is good, a hair transplant surgeon may shave your head before doing hair transplant. This will make your new hair growth and the shaved hair growing along with the same height with the harvested hair. In such a case, you will get even hair growth. This is why a doctor recommends shaving the patients head before hair transplant.

No Shaving for famous Personalities

The famous personalities, rich and famous people do not insist to shave their head for a hair transplant. This is because it is an image issue on their head side. In such a case, there is painless hair transplant in Delhi who promotes no shave your head for hair transplant.

Shaved Head for Better Hair Transplant Results

A shaved head makes a surgeon do better hair harvest. He can place the grafts in the right angel. It will help to extract and place the grafts with proper cutting. It will allow him to transplant more hair with punches.

Can we transplant hair from one person to another?

Yes, in certain case of alopecia it is possible in the present world. These are a very rare case when a bald man does not have the dihydrotestosterone (DHT)-resistant hair. In such a case, hair from other healthy man is needed. However, the patient has to take anti-rejection medications. Yet, the identical twins are the best to undergo this type of hair transplant. Here, the genetic will be the same and the transplanted hair grows naturally without taking any anti-rejection medications.

These are a very rare case, as a man with full alopecia can take hair from other sites like chest and beard. An FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi may require such a donor in the rear case. This will be discussed by a surgeon if they find no good amount of DHT strong hair is present with the patient after a dermatological examination.

Is Minoxidil necessary after hair transplant?

The Minoxidil is a universal topical solution to treat hair loss in men and women. The Minoxidil products are available in different names and types. They are available in solution, gel and foam types. This is for topical application on the head scalp only.

The best hair transplant clinic in South Delhi prescribes this topical solution for after-surgery care. The patient must apply this solution overnight and wash them in the early morning to see better hair transplant results. It helps in improving scalp health by promoting better blood flow. They also stimulate new hair growth. The new hair grows with proper nourishment that it will grow in thick, dense and in black color. To get dense hair on your head, you can apply this solution in all areas too.

You can buy this hair care solution over the counter. They are available from Minoxidil 1% to 12%. It is advisable to take this solution as prescribed by your surgeon.

Can I drink alcohol after a hair transplant?

The patient with alcohol drinking habit must avoid alcohol consumption before and after hair transplant surgery. A diabetic person must not drink alcohol a week before hair transplant surgery. This is because his blood glucose level must be normal on the day of surgery. The best hair transplant Clinic in South Delhi gives such advice to its patient during the consultation. They will say this in lifestyle changes a patient has to take care after hair transplant.

If you are alcoholic, you must avoid them to see thick and dense hair transplant results. It will be better to avoid alcohol for a lifetime to make a permanent solution for your hair loss problem. This is because alcohol also affects your DHT level. This is one of the main causes a man becomes bald at his younger age. Moreover, your aftercare medication will not work if you consume alcohol moderately too.

How much does 1500 hair grafts cost?

If you need only 1500 hair grafts, it will be much affordable to do a Hair Transplant in India. If you check online for the best cost of hair Transplant, the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi will be much affordable. There are many hair transplant daycare surgery clinics in New Delhi. They may have different offers and discounts. It is advisable to cross-check the hair transplant price per grafts.

The rates for per grafts may start from INR 25 to INR 75. So the minimum cost for 1500 grafts comes to INR 37,500/-. The maximum cost will come to INR 1, 17,000/-.

Can you get a hair transplant if you are completely bald?

The answer to this question is yes with some conditional factors. Complete baldness or total alopecia can occur due to aging naturally. However, there is no chance to re-grow new hair with other hair loss treatment than hair transplant surgery.

The patient with full baldness may need more than 3,000 grafts for hair transplantation. The patient must have a donor place area with sufficient hair on them. This can be his chest, beard, and pubic area. If the donor area is having sufficient numbers, it is possible to do a hair transplant surgery from the best hair transplant clinic in South Delhi.

Can I wear a wig after a hair transplant?

Yes, beauty conscious people can wear a wig after hair transplant surgery. However, they must follow what the hair transplant surgeon recommends to wear a wig. This is because when you give the best cost of hair Transplant you must not get bald once again due to wearing a wig.

  • Your doctor may suggest wearing a wig at least after 10-days of hair transplant.
  • He will not allow you to wear a glue-based wig.
  • He will not suggest you wear a clip-based wig.
  • It is not advisable to wear a lace type wig.

It is advisable to wear a wig for a short time. This is because a wig can damage your new hair growth. However, your profession needs your personality; you can use a wig as per your doctor advice.

Can we apply hair oil after hair transplant?

Yes, your dermatologist will recommend some hair oil according to your scalp condition and new hair growth after a few weeks of hair transplant. They can be the below-mentioned hair oils.

  • Almond oil
  • Amla oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Neem oil
  • Olive oil
  • Pure Grape Seed Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Virgin oil

The best hair transplant results can be achieved by taking better after hair transplant treatment care. It is advisable to do what your doctor says. They will allow you to sue recommended hair oil to nourish your head scalp and hair. This is because most of the above-mentioned hair oils are rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. They are good to stop dandruff growth, moisturize your scalp and improve blood flow under the scalp for better hair growth.

When can I wash my hair after hair transplant?

Yes, the hair transplant patient can wash their hair after hair transplant. However, you have to wait for a week so to wash your hair. They will suggest using a mild shampoo, herbal shampoo or giving some prescription. It will be better to do hair wash as per the doctor advise. This is because of the patient condition after hair transplant differs. He will look at the improvement within a week and suggest you do hair wash. The Hair Transplant in India will give such advice in a free consultation.

How many days after the hair transplant can I wear a cap?

Yes. The hair transplant patient can wear a cap as per the doctor’s advice. The best hair transplant clinic in South Delhi will recommend them according to your nature of work and mobility in daily life. They may recommend you to wear a cap after a few weeks of hair transplant surgery. They recommend wearing a cap for the below-mentioned benefits.

  • It protects from direct sunlight exposure.
  • A cap is safe to prevent dust when you are mobile.
  • A cap ensures safety for the transplanted hair.
  • Wearing a cap can hide your hair transplant surgery area.

It is advisable to wear a cap which perfectly or comfortable sit on your head. You must not wear a tight cap, elastic cap, and cap made from synthetic items.

Are hair transplants permanent?

Yes. Hair transplant is a permanent and natural hair loss solution for men and women. The FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi or FUT methods have shown 90% results in Hair Transplant in India. The best hair transplant clinic in South Delhi has achieved this since the past two decades buy suing these methods of hair transplantation. They offer the best cost of hair transplant in India. You can expect desired hair transplant results. The below mentioned are the natural evidence that hair transplant is a permanent solution for a bald man.

  • A hair transplant surgeon places DHT resistance hair on the patch area.
  • The transplanted hair grows naturally over the bald area.
  • Your body hair is transplanted like the back of your head, chest and beard area.

Therefore the result is natural hair and that is permanent too. The transplanted hair may fall. Yet, one can expect new hair growth from the bald area within a few months. The painless hair transplant in Delhi is changing the phase of hair loss treatment with a permanent result and natural looks on their hairline and hair on the head too.

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