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About Care Well Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Dr. Sandeep Bhasin has solutions for your problems. Science has given the doctor a power so that one can reach to a better level of satisfaction after cosmetic surgery. These surgeries are not costly one. Medical Science has done great advancements and due to this many impossible surgeries are possible now. Even a cut limb can be joined as a fruitful result of Plastic Surgery. Come and experience the Magic with Dr. Sandeep Bhasin. He can solve your problems till the best level of your desire and you can have a consultation with him. His caring demeanor really puts patients at ease, the stepping stone of being an efficient and concerned surgeon.

He is dedicated to excellence at Carewell medical centre he caters to cosmetic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, anti aging and body mind therapies. He is routinely conducting routine laparoscopic surgeries as laparoscopic cholecystectomy, hysterectomy TLH, LAVH, Hernia repair etc. on day care basis here. Besides these laparoscopic surgery a major work is cosmetic surgery.

His vision is to develop it as a place where one can experience and get benefit of our outstanding services delivered by our team. Our team of qualified professional includes cosmetic doctor, cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, dietician and cosmetologist to provide you all beauty programme.

Amazing ambience, attractive interior and friendly environment of Care Well Cosmetic Centre in South Delhi make our customer feel very comfortable and their treatment becomes an unforgettable experience.

At Care Well Cosmetic Centre our dedicated team is determined to make our patients dream goals a reality. We love working with people so you can be assured your comfort and satisfaction is our highest priority We aim to deliver you a safe, international standardized quality services with utmost satisfaction.

Cheapest Melanocyte Transplantation in Delhi

Melanocyte transplantation is the latest procedure to treat the vitiligo or leukoderma and loss of pigmentation on the skin. Melanocytes are the skin cells which produces melanin. White patches on skin means that the melanocytes have been destroyed from the skin cells. Now a days it is possible to extract melanocytes from a healthy donor area of skin and get them transfer on the white patches of skin. This melanocytes transplantation process can be performed in a medical centre in one to three hours.

With our latest innovative skin care and cosmetic surgery treatments products and equipments we assure you to enhance beauty from inner depth and make you feel true himself.

When you visit Care Well Cosmetic Centre for comprehensive consultation you receive warm welcome from our staff. During consultation we not only discuss, identify and analyze your requirement and problem but also educate you so that we can formulate a personalized treatment schedule designed just for you to achieve best possible result. You enjoy and feel free to discuss any problem during pre-, intra- and post-operative period.

Your privacy is paramount for us and we keep all your records confidential. We develop strong bonds with many of our patients and feel proud to see our client to see our client confident and cheerful.

We are different from other cosmetic surgery clinics as we aim to provide an atmosphere that is warm and relaxed, unlike the serious, cold, business-like ambience of most medical facilities. However, Care Well Medical Centre strives to maintain the sterility, hygiene and cleanliness standards of the top cosmetics clinics in the world. Our surgical and non-surgical treatments have been designed to de-stress, detoxify, rejuvenate and invigorate the body, and it reflects in the glowing faces of our patients.

The specialities of Care Well Medical Centre are centered across Cosmetic Surgery and Skincare, Bodymind Therapies and include complete Re-constructive and Plastic Surgery while incorporating weight reduction and total body wellness through a variety of therapies. Please browse the website to know more about our surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Best Fue Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

The only confirmed procedure for getting your hair back FUE (follicular unit) transplantation is the best hair transplantation procedure adopted by care well medical centre Delhi. FUE (follicular unit) transplantation procedure is absolutely a modren method of hair transplantation surgery because it gives much better results than the old method of hair transplantation in Delhi.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that involves relocating skin holds hair follicles from the donor part of patient's body to bald or the recipient part. Affordable Hair transplant surgery through FUE or FUT methods. Dr Sandeep Bhasin an expert hair transplant surgeons in Delhi NCR, ensures that the hair grafting is carried out in a way that it follows the natural hairline and suits the facial features.

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