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LLLT Laser in New Delhi - The Best Remedy for Hair Loss

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one of the one of surgical therapies that uses low powered light for emission of light. Through the effective emission of intensified light, it changes the nature of cells, thus making more favorable and desired ones. This process of very unique in its kind. It is highly helpful in getting rid of a number of high level and grave diseases. Similarly the role of this therapy in hair loss is also exceptional. Due to its uniqueness of using low powered light for emittingrays, giving high output, this therapy has made its name among the most popular therapies. Keeping into consideration importance of this therapy, some of their key features will be discussed here in this article. Following are the prominent benefits of using this therapy:

• Consume low power
• Highly effective in treating hair loss
• Works on simple yet useful mechanism
• Not too expensive, hence easily affordable
• The most viable and feasible method, based on its quality features

Low Level Laser Therapy

This therapy uses special mechanism for changing the nature of body tissues and cells, thus ensuring smooth and fast hair growth.It works on the specific wavelength and timing and pulse of different rays. The range of power of this laser is 1-5000mw, and the typical wavelength is 600-1000nm. Due to these unique features, it effectively manages how to recover the hair strength and control hair loss.

It is worth to mention here regarding the therapy that it increases the stimulation of the mitochondria, to increase the level of production of adenosine triphosphate, which further leads to the creation of reactive oxygen species. Which in return increases the proliferation of cells. The enzyme produced by mitochondria appears to get energy from laser lights.

Since the reason of hair fall is directly linked with the power of skin cells. Once the cells are energetic, they are able stuck the hair, otherwise, with the lowering of vitamins and energy, the amount of hair fall also increases. It is also to be noted that this therapy has been introduced in 1967, after conducting an extensive research related to the cited disease.

Since all of the therapies are highly sensitive irrespective of their nature, similar is the case with LLT laser. There are some key precautionary measures that are important to be kept in mind, which are as follows:

• Extra care should be taken while maintaining the intensity of light
• The severity of hair fall should be compared with the time period of the therapy, the more the frequency of hair fall, the more be the period of therapy
• Extra emission of rays may cause harm
• Pre therapy test and post therapy tests should necessarily be conducted
• Extra care should be taken while using all the equipments

Following these precautionary measures will enhance the effectiveness and validity of the therapy.

Based on the empirical data and research based study, it can be concluded that LLLT therapy is one of the most viable therapy for hair loss,accessible at reasonable price.

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