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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) in Delhi | Thread Lift Treatment in Delhi

Breast is subject to various aging changes and with time the breast can become lax and start drooping. If the Nipple areolar Complex is below inframmary line then it is called Ptosis. If the lower pole of breast is below inframammary line , but the nipple is above inframmary line then it is calles Pseudoptosis.

Normal breast has

  1. Nipple above inframmamary line
  2. Areola or the dark skin around the nipple covering less than one third area of breast
  3. Nipple pointing outward and beloe the cone of breast projection
  4. Breast skin firm and tight cone
  5. Extent of breast tissuue upto 6th Intercostal space

Causes of Drooping of Breast

  1. Pregnany
  2. Post lactation
  3. Weight gain
  4. Old age
  5. Loosing excess weight
  6. Breast enlargement in excess

Normally surgery is comtemplated forBrast liftig. Main targets of surgery are

  1. Repositioning the Nipple areolar Complex to right position
  2. Correction of Areola
  3. Removing Excess skin
  4. Reducing excess fat by breast reduction
  5. In some cases this may be combined with Breast implant or autologos Breast Augmentation

Staging of Breast Ptosis

Classification system has been suggested by Regnault and modified by numerous authors. The most commonly used system is as follows:

Grade 1: Mild ptosis - Nipple just below inframammary fold but still above lower pole of breast

Grade 2: Moderate ptosis - Nipple further below inframammary fold but still with some lower pole tissue below nipple

Grade 3: Severe ptosis - Nipple well below inframammary fold and no lower pole tissue below nipple; "Snoopy nose" appearance

Pseudoptosis - Inferior pole ptosis with nipple at or above inframammary fold; usually observed in postpartum breast atrophy

Surgery chosen will depend on the grade of ptosis and whether augmentation is required or not.
If breast reduction is contemplated this can be combined with liposuction or fat excision.
If Breast augmentation is planned then Breast Silicone Gel Implanta can be put along with Mastopexy.

Anchor Incision Mastopexy

This kind of surgery is done for Garde 3 ptosis and severe sagging. This removes excess skin and repositions the areola. The Breast tissue can be repositioned to give Breast a better look. But scarring is the main concern with this kind of Breast lift.

Lollipop Incision Mastopexy

This kind of surgery is indicated in milder Ptosis. Grade 2 ptosis or advanced Grade 1 Ptosis can be handled by this kind of surgery. The incision is Racket or Lollipoop shaped. We can reposition Areola and remove excess skin from breast. Repositioning o f breast tissue is not that effective with this

Benelli Breast Lift

In this surgery the Areola and Nipple is lifted up by Circum areolar incision. This surgery is useful for mild ptosis only and is effective in stage 1 Ptosis. The scar is at the margin of Areola and not visible so it has best cosmetic results. This is very useful in females before Marriage or where high cosmetic results are desirable.

The “Donut” Lift

The incision is made around the perimeter of the areola only –, which is why this technique is technically referred to as the "peri-areolar" incision; also called a “Benelli” lift This technique is suitable for females with a early stage of sagging,

Other Methods of Breast lift

Other methods being used in Breast lift include Thread Lift, Thermage ,Crescent Lift . These have some effect but not as effective as other methods described.

In Care well Medical Centre we take a proper history and thoroughly examine the patient for advising best method of mastopexy. Our expert team makes it possible to provide you best results in Breast lift at most economical price with minimal side effects. We assure you a warm and hospitality in our staff and Doctors. The procedure is done under General Anesthesia and is a Day Care procedure.



Breast Lift Surgery/Mastopexy in Delhi at Care Well Medical Surgery ( South Delhi, CR Park)

Get the Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin with best post surgery results. Call us for the expert advice/consultation. Breast Lift Surgery helps in reshaping the breast by removing the excess fat or skin. Get Mastopexy at Care Well Medical Centre in South Delhi, CR Park.

What do you know about Breast Lift Surgery?

The breast lift surgery is also called as Mastopexy where the breasts are tightened and raised by removing the excessive tissues and making them firmed and in better contours.

The breast lift surgery/ Mastopexy have taken a good acceleration over time. It has been statistically proven that the breast lifts have increased to 70% from 2000 as per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The Mastopexy changes the position of the nipple higher from lower to a bit higher on the chest wall creating the sense of uplift. The procedure does not require an overnight stay. It takes very less time and the surgery is done usually with the help of general anesthesia.

The breast uplift and breast implantation are sometimes done together in few cases. It is better to take the advice of your doctor beforehand. The surgeon might explain you the options available for your body type and the procedure in detail.

Why do you need Breast Lift Surgery?

It is the common legacy of motherhood and breast feeding that creates the drooping of the breasts and makes them sagging and loose over time. The contours turn wider because the natural band looses the stretch over time and also the gravitation force plays its part. The increase in weight and then loosing again also makes them sagging and loose. The lost youth full shape of the women’s beast hampers her poise and the grace of her body which makes them turn towards breast uplift. The breast lift surgery in Delhi is much in demand than any other place in India and Care Well Medical Centre situated in South Delhi offer the best consultation and course of treatment, implementing best practices to get the best outcome.

How is the breast lift surgery been done?

Breast Lift Surgery and Breast Augmentation Surgery is done on women, who wants their breast to look fuller than their original shape while Breast Reduction Surgery is being done on women who wants a reduced size of breast as compared to their original shape. If you want smaller breasts, consider combining breast lift and breast reduction surgery. The surgery includes the consultation of a surgeon. The breast lift surgery in Delhi is very common. You can get the breast lift surgery done at Care Well Medical Centre and can leave centre the same day as Mastopexy is an outpatient procedure. The anesthesiologist gives general anesthesia or sedation. The surgeon will mark the proper position where the nipples will be raised. The surgeon removes the extra skin and lifts your breast tissues to a proper position.

Is Breast Lift Surgery harming you?

It is good that you get operated which certainly helps in improving the appearance of droopy breasts but the major problem that comes along with the breast lift surgery are the scars and the numbness around your nipples and the possibility of not able to breast feed again. The scars differ accordingly by the techniques of the Mastopexy. Sometimes the possibility of scars depends upon the surgeon. Usually the scars are fine but they are not invisible and could be noticed by others.

In rare cases heavy bleeding may occur from the broken vessels after the operation. This bleeding requires treatment under another anesthesia. Sometimes the wounds may get infected which causes prolonged healing period and worsens the quality of the final scars, which is the major reason why one should go to the experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Sandeep Bhasin for breast lift surgery or any other cosmetic surgery. Even good consultation and selection of right procedure can makes lots of difference when it comes to cosmetic surgeries and you can completely rely on Dr. Sandeep Bhasin for the same.

One last thing to take care is that, after the surgery the scars may get red and if are irritable for long time. The best advice is to consult the surgeon if any of the above mentioned complications arises.

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