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Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi for Males

Gynecomastia – a disorder to surgery

The physical state of male where the chest grows like female breast requires Gynecomastic. In other words a state occurs where the males develop abnormally grown up chest instead of flat muscular manly chest. This enlarged development can be due to medical conditions. Other reasons for this physical state can be the hormonal imbalances or heredity. The fat deposition occurs in the male chest area resulting into female like breast appearance. The enlarged chest in males is not caused due to excessive weight gain or obesity therefore eating diet food and exercise cannot help in reducing the enlarged male breast. It has been analyzed that more than 40% of men’s population has been recorded with breast enlarged disorder. The problem hampers the self confidence of the person who is suffering from the disorder and sometimes leads to embarrassment. Most of the religious rituals in India require males to be bare chest and this creates problems for the people having enlarged chest. They feel themselves as socially restricted at most of the times.

Breast Reduction in male has been very common and due to openness in thoughts, people living in Metropolitan cities like Delhi, approaches cosmetic surgeon to discuss the issue and opt for the treatment. The surgeons are well trained and the male breast reduction surgery has become very common among Indians. Why not to choose a way which makes you feel confident about yourself and get the embarrassments away from your life?

If you are from Delhi or want to get the treatment done in Delhi & looking for finest Cosmetic Surgery Center for Breast reduction Surgery in Delhi, “Care Well Medical Centre” gives you the best treatment at economical prices & will help you to get back to normal life from living with a burden. It is worthy to take a stand then to live shy and with no self confidence.

Quick way to Breast Reduction Surgery in Males

Surgery does not always mean a huge and complex phenomenon of life and death. Breast Reduction surgery in males requires a day or two for the whole procedure. The patient needs not to stay in the hospital or cosmetic surgery center for weeks. The team of the surgeons takes cares of the anesthesia and the area where the skin needs to be cut. The excessive fat and breast tissues are removed and stitches are made on the treated parts.

Any Side Effects

After surgery is performed, scars that are made due to the stitches and incision gets fade naturally over a course of time and become less visible.

For best outcome, patients should first understand the merits and the risks undertaking in the breast reduction surgery. Complete information can be taken from the surgeon of a repute position. The Breast reduction surgery in males is very commonly practiced by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, so one can discuss the problem and all the options related to the procedure and can also ask for the outcome after the surgery.

Types of Breast Reduction Surgery or Gynecomastia

(a) Neonatal Gynecomastia: This includes the surgery that is done at the time of birth. The cause is mother’s sex hormones.
(b) Adolescent Gynecomastia: This includes the surgery that is done at the puberty.
(c) Senile Gynecomastia: This happens when the male sex hormone reduces and female sex hormone predominates.

What is the safety measures required after surgery?

After surgery it is important to understand the complications that may arise due to unhealthy conditions and lifestyle. The patient needs to quit smoking and intake of alcohol for at least two to three weeks. Also care should be taken for proper sanitation and cleanliness of the body. Any infection over the wounds may lead to irritation and further complications. Strength undertaking works should be avoided and proper diet is required for proper physical growth. The resting time should be 2-3 days after the surgery in case you do less physical work. Otherwise a week rest should be taken before handling stressful workload. Heavy exercise and physical work should be avoided for a while.

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