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Body Contouring Surgery in Delhi‎ | Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Your body makes your persona hence it should be well-shaped and healthy looking. Nobody likes fat tummy, sagged skin and tires around waist. Most of the body conscious people adopt various techniques like dieting, jogging, gymming etc. to get into shape but all remains temporarily as body falls back to original shape once these activities are stopped. So why not go for a permanent solution. Body contouring is an artificial procedure to give good shape to your body using successful and tested medical techniques.

More commonly heard body contouring technique is Liposuction that has become a rage among modern day active people. Liposuction is basically a procedure in which excess fat is sucked from your body to reduce your body volume and to enhance the shape. After Liposuction, body toning and firming has been done through various surgical methods.

Have a look at some of the surgical procedures that we perform at Care Well Medical Center, Delhi to make your look good!

Body contouring medical procedures

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck–There could be many reasons for sagged tummy like pregnancy, bad eating habits, ageing or excess weight loss. Through abdominoplasty, we tighten your tummy skin to make it firm and fully toned. Body contouring after massive weight loss is essential if you really want to look in shape. Tummy tuck surgery will remove excess fat and skin from your lower and middle abdomen to tighten the abdomen wall.
Belt Lipectomy–To have firm and tight abdomen, thighs and buttocks; one has to undergo lower body lift or Belt Lipectomy. This surgery is quite extensive and performed in small sittings. In this, the redundant skin that falls due to massive weight loss or pregnancy is removed offering firm torso and thighs.
Brachioplasty–This body countouring procedure is mainly performed on upper arms where skin “hangs” due to weight loss or ageing. Especially women undergo this surgery to get their flabby upper arms in shape. Brachioplasty is also known as Arm lift that allows women to wear sleeveless clothes with confidence!

All body contouring surgical procedures involve extensive operations that are divided into small sittings and we advise to take necessary precautions before or after every operation. Here are some of the precautions that you should take if you are undergoing any of the body re-shaping operations.

Pre-operation precautions:

• Follow healthy lifestyle with good eating and regular exercise
• Avoid alcohol consumption and no smoking as it may cause certain reactions during surgery
• No consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin etc. to avoid bleeding during surgery
• Keep yourself healthy and disease-free prior to surgery

Post-surgery precautions:

• Do not stress your body physically so that your body gets rest after surgery
• Avoid overeating and indulge in healthy eating. Drink lots of water and no smoking and alcohol consumption
• Your doctor may suggest you to wear tight elastic compression clothes to let your body stay in shape post-surgery

At Care Well Medical Centre, we make sure to offer all surgeries with strict supervision of expert cosmetic surgeons hence you need not worry about your health. Consult our medical team for further clarifications.

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