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Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a significant break through in hands on healing.It is based on simple technique to increase the rate of vibrations of cells.when we are healthy our cells are vibrating at optimum level.when we are diseased our cells vibrate at lower level as a result toxins start accumulating in them. This leads to cell destruction, pain, decreased blood flow, etc. As a result we have chronic diseases cells and tissues have a memory to vibrate at level once set Ageing process can be described as gradual and slow decrease in cell metabolism and vibrations.

Quantum healing works on the basic level of increasing cell metabolism nd cell memories towords higher and healthier vibrations.Quantum filed exsists at subatomic level.

It is at inter section of mind and matter that real healing accurs. This field has been called as "prana or"chi" in ancient times.The vibrational field of life force enrgey around a cell can be increased by specific practices of breathing and awareness. Through resonance and entrainment the healar can induce,the clients enrgey field to vibrate at higher level.The procedure is simple to learn and easy to practise.The result are seen within short period of practise.It does not reqire any previous practise or expertise.Beginners have learnt it in two days with excellant results. There are reported case of amazing healings with quantum healing, Chronic pains alleviate in short peroid and acute problems can subdue.

People practising quantum healing have reported that their hair have started grey again & feel rejevuntion of entire body.

A 80 year old man who was walking with a walking stick, After practising Quantum heling now he has started walking without a stick.There are many cased where disligment in spine scoliosis, slip disc substantialy redused after few sessions of quantum healings.

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