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Fractional Laser Treatment in Delhi‎ | Fractional Laser Skin Treatments

Mishaps occur in our life and the scars they left behind often remind us about the unfortunate accident. So, it’s better to get permanent rid of those scars that disturb you. For removing such ill-fated scars and normal scars that occur due to acne and other skin problems, Fractional Laser is one of the most effective cosmetic surgery.

Fractional laser a technique that treats damaged skin especially scar management by delivering laser ray, which targets a portion of your skin at a time. It’s a non-invasive treatment that works both on mid- layer or dermal layer of skin and surface or epidermal skin. Now you can go for skin rejuvenation surgery using laser technique that will transform your ageing, sun damaged and scarred skin into fresh and young looking skin.

Care Well Medical centre is one of the leading clinics in Delhi where you can get effective cosmetic surgeries at affordable cost under the supervision of expert surgeons.

Understand how Fractional Laser works

You must know that our skin has 3 layers. Lower layer is Subcutis that is also called Fat layer, middle layer is dermis and the uppermost surface is epidermis. There are melanocytes cells on epidermis, which produces pigments and these cells provide color to the skin. The mid layer, dermis is made of elastin fibres and collages, which are responsible for providing strength, elasticity and toughness to the skin.

With ageing, the properties and appearance of our skin changes like dermis loses its collagen than make skin to sag and wrinkles occur also blemishes becomes more noticeable with thinning of epidermis. To reverse these natural occurring on your skin, Fraction Laser treatment is done.

A laser beam is delivered to your skin using a device where beam is divided into thousands of very small abysmal columns of treatment. These columns are called MTZs (Microthermal Treatment zones). When laser ray is delivered to these MTZs, the old pigmented epidermis cells of each MTZs is barred and collages in penetrated into dermis followed by a reaction that allows formation of new collages. MTZs have been created to treat only the affected area while healthy skin tissues remain unaffected from laser rays. Fractional laser technique is good to provide effective healing to only the certain area and it is fast as compared to other techniques where entire treatment area is open to laser.

What Fractional Laser can treat?

As already told, Fractional laser treatment can be used for…

• Skin pigmentation
• Accidental scar management and it is effective in Acne scar removal as well
• Laser resurfacing of face
• Removal of facial wrinkles and fine lines
• Chloasma
• Removal of stretch marks
• Poikiloderma of Civatte

Although Fractional Laser can be applied to any part of the body, but it is mostly performed on face, neck hands and chest. It may have some side-effects like excessive peeling and scaling on skin, postinflammatory pigmentation and swelling of treatment area of a week or so. But at Care Well Medical Center, you be assured that we take extra precautions to not let you suffer from extreme side effects.

Consult our medical team for further information.

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