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Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi | Rhinoplasty in Care Well Medical Centre

Rhinoplasty is a surgery of nose. It can be done for cosmetic purpose or for difficulty in Breathing.

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Anatomy of Nose

Nose is composed of

• Nasal Bone
• Upper lateral Cartilage
• Lower lateral Cartilage
• Dorsal Nasal Septum

Ideal Nose

In Females Aesthetic nose has

• Nasofrontal angle 120-130"
• Naso labial angle 95-105"
• Nasal width at ala : Nasal length is .7 : 1
• Ala is 1-2 mm behind Columella
• There is Supra Tip beak in Females
• Nose is 1/5th of Face width
• Nostrils are 2/3 rd of face

In Males Aesthetic nose has

• Naso frontal angle is 115-120"
• Naso labial angle is 90-95"
• There is no supra tip Beak
• Nasal Length: tip projection is 1: .5
• Nostrils are little less than 2/3 rd of nose

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is done for following reasons

• Bulbous nasal tip. Too fat and broad nasal tip is not considered Aesthetically appeasing
• Drooping nasal tip
• Retracted Columella
• Overhanging Ala or nose side walls
• Dorsal Nasal Hump
• Crooked Nose
• Too broad or wide Nasal base
• Alar Flare or wide nostrils

Functional Rhinoplasty is done for difficulty in breathing. This can be caused by

• Deviated Nasal Septum
• Nasal Polyp
• Hypertrophied Turbinates
• Narrowed or collapsed External Nasal Valves
• Narrowed or collapsed Internal Nasal Valves

Rhinoplasty Surgery can be done by

• Open Technique
• Closed Technique

Each method has it’s own merits but presently Open method is being preferred for best cosmetic results. This is because

• Open method cosmetic corrections are under vision and precise
• Grafts can be placed in correct position
• Better assessment of nasal problem can be made

We are using latest and best techniques in Rhinoplasty for Cosmetic and Functional results.

• Reduction Rhinoplasty for Dorsal hump, Overhanging nasal tip, Overhanding Columella
• Augmentation Rhinoplasty for Depressed nose, Increasing Nasal Length, strengthening ala etc
• Tip refinement for Bulbous tip and wide nasal tip
• Osteotomy to raise the height of nasal dorsum, narrowing the nasal base and correction of open roof deformity
• Hump Reduction for reducing excess hump on dorsum of nose
• Cephalic trim, Interdomal and interdomal stiches for narrowing the broad nasal tip
• Septoplasty for deviated Nasal septum
• Spreader graft for collapsed internal valves

Reduction of Nasal Wings{Alar Flare}

We can use following material for Rhinoplasty.

1. Autologous grafts - Septal graft
2. Conchal graft
3. Rib graft
4. Pelvic graft

In rare cases Silicone graft is also used.

Autologous grafts are far better than silicone grafts and are always preferred in our Care Well medical Centre.

In Care Well Medical Centre we use latest technology in Rhinoplasty for best Cosmetic and Functional Results

• We believe more in Structural change e.g using Domal sutures , Lateral Crural Steal , etc. rather than cutting excess of Alar graft
• In Dorasl Hump reduction we separate Lateral Cartilage and Doral Septum for incremental and selective reduction of Dorsum
• We have best Professional Team to give you desired results
• We always prefer Autologous grafts over Silicone grafts
• We assure you best results at very economical packages

Post Operative Recovery

Rhinoplasty is done under General Anesthesia and it takes 2- 3 hours. The patient is discharged in 24 hours. There is a Nasal Packing and External Nasal Splint. The nasal pack is removed after 7 days and external splint is removed after 3 weeks. There is some edema after surgery and it settles down in 3- 6 months.

What to expect in Rhinoplasty

• Rhinoplasty can be done in any client above 18 years of Age
• Patient should stop all anticoagulants as Asprin, Warfarin, Clopidrogel, Vitamin E etc 3 days before surgery
• Patient should have realistic expectations . There are limits in which surgical improvements can be done
• Results take 3 – 6 months to become fully evident
• Avoid any Rigorous sports or contact sports activity one month after Rhinoplasty

Dorsal hump reduction, Tip elevation and Osteotomy done to reduce the nasal width.

Reduction Rhinoplasty, Cephalic trim and Conchal Graft done. Lateral and medial Osteotomy done to narrow the nose.

Dorsal Hump reduction , Tip refinement and lateral Osteotomy done.

Incremental Dorsal Hump Reduction and tip refinement done

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