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Rhinoplasty or Nose Correction Surgery in New Delhi

Rhinoplasty / Nose Correction Surgery

Care Well Medical Centre run by an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Sandeep Bhasin has a 15 years of experience to carry out the cosmetic surgeries like Rhenoplasty or Nose Correction Surgery in Delhi

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgery for reshaping the nose, restoring the functionality of the nose, improving the looks, enhancing self-confidence and solving some health related problems. Rhinoplasty can help you acquire the shape of nose that you have ever fancied. It can enhance your nose by making it larger or smaller and can even change the angle of the nose, the tip of the nose can be altered, or bumps on the nose can be corrected, or the other defects related to nose.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

We all know the fundamental aspect of any surgery is to help gain good health and fulfilling the expectations that can be acquired. The primary goal of Rhinoplasty is to help you improve your nose aesthetically so that the other facial features fit well with it. This operation is done under local or general anaesthesia. During surgery the surgeons make tiny slits to get an access to the bones as well as cartilage that support your nose. These tiny slits are made inside the nose itself so that there is no mark visible after the completion of surgery. Some bone or cartilage is removed or tissues may be added at times to acquire the required result.

After reshaping and reconstructing of the bone and cartilage, the skin or tissue is again draped above the completed nose structure by the surgeon. On a max a patient may have to stay in the hospital or at the surgery centre for a night. The surgeons performing Rhinoplasty are trained in plastic surgery or Otolaryngology or both. People usually prefer chin augmentation along with Rhinoplasty for enhancing their looks. Correction of the nose can drastically improve the complete appearance of yours that will automatically make you more confident about yourself.

Expectations from Surgery

After surgery with a week or so the splint and bandaging that is done around your nose will be removed. For some 15 days your face may appear puffy and areas around the eyes and nose will be swelled up. Using cold packs can help in minimizing the swelling and pain. Some pain killer medicines may be prescribed to you by your surgeon for relieving you from pain. After surgery, it is important to keep your face still and elevated for some days. It may take some time for you to return to your daily activities.

Nose Correction Surgery

The surgeon you chose for the cosmetic nose job surgery must be able to individually design and tailor surgery for providing the best results.

Risks from surgery

Temporary swelling and puffiness around the eyes and nose is very common after completion of Rhinoplasty/Nose Correction Surgery. Other than puffiness the patient may also have to face certain problems like:

  • Bleeding
  • Injury in spectrum
  • Skin related problems cause because of breakdown of skin tissues
  • Allergic reaction like irritation on the skin because of tapes and bandages used for bandaging
  • Infections: This can be reduced with the help of antibiotics prescribed by surgeons after the surgery
  • Nasal blockage because of swelling inside the nostrils
  • Complications that may occur because of anaesthesia

There are some chances that the expected results from the surgery may not be delivered. Thus these surgeries must only be performed by experienced surgeons only who are trained well in this field.

To get the desired results and a good consultation on nose correction surgery in Delhi, you can contact Care Well Medical Centre.

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