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Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty Surgery in Delhi‎ | Cosmetic Surgery of Female Genetalia

Female genital is the most sensitive body organ that is tabooed with various myth and misconceptions. Even the look, size and shape of female genital parts can effect a woman’s life in greater ways. Undesired shape and size of genital part can lower her self-esteem, lessen her sexual longing and may also have devastating impact on her married or love life.

This is the reason that many modern day women are now seeking expert services like Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty to get tightened and rejuvenated genitals. These cosmetic surgeries have been gaining a lot popularity among those women who are not really happy with the way their vagina look. The results of these surgeries are quite satisfying hence women feel to gain confidence once the vaginal surgery is done.

As a layman, you cannot understand the deeper meaning of these crucial genital surgeries. So, let’s have a brief look into these medical procedures and practices related to them.

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Vaginoplasty is better known as Vagina tightening, where the cosmetic surgeons perform the laser operation to tighten the vagina. Generally, due to childbirth, aging or any other physical trauma, the vagina loosens hence women feel less sexual arousal. Although, Vaginoplasty is done with a thought of Enhancing Female Orgasamic Pleasure, there is no guarantee that sexual sensitivity of woman increases after the surgery. Sexual arousal is a very personal response hence no surgeon can surgically enhance it. However, vaginoplasty can offer you the rejuvenated and tightened vagina through Fractional Laser and Thread Lift Technique.

Slightly different from vagina tightening, Labiaplsty is the surgery performed on the vaginal lips (both inner and outer lips, known as labia minor and labia major respectively). Natural labia is reshaped and resized with this surgery making the vaginal area looks symmetrical.

Both Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty can be performed alone or together to offer the desirable vaginal area.

Revirgination Surgery/Hymen Repair

We hear quite often about loss of virginity of a female due to broken hymen. However, hymen can also break just because of any strenuous physical activity. But in our society, unbroken hymen is the sign of woman virginity so through cosmetic procedure like revirgination surgery many females are now getting a boon of their life on the form of hymen repair. Cosmetic surgeons can now reconstruct the hymen to offer the true virginal condition to a female. Although it’s a very complex surgery, it is done with the help of modern tools and techniques.

Hoodectomy/Uphooding of Clitoris

The process of removing the excess “hood” surrounding the clitoris, known as Prepuce tissues, is known as Hoodectomyor Uphooding of Clitoris. It’s a minor cosmetic surgery of female genitals. It is observed that women having excess prepuce tissues on clitoral node (G-spot for female arousal) or having small clitoris, do not get sexual orgasm very easily. Therefore, it becomes sometimes necessary for such females to go for Hoodectomy or G-spot amplification. G-spot amplification is also done by giving O shot injections having cosmetic filler. This augments the size of G-spot and about 87% of women who have undergone this surgery showed positive response.

Other Female Genital Cosmetic Procedures

Apart from major and minor vaginal and clitoris surgeries, females are also keen to go for reshaping Mons pubis and lower pelvis by Abdominolasty. This procedure works as fat grafting from the lower pelvis or lower abdomen area. Generally, this surgery is performed in order to get rid of slacked area on abdomen and thighs that happen due to aging and childbirth. Obese women also get these cosmetic surgeries done to get in good shape.

Although, all the above mentioned surgeries have been undertaken with proper care, there can be some side effects like scarring, vaginal infection, ongoing pain and sensation in vagina etc. These risks can be avoided by getting these sensitive surgeries done by expert surgeons like we have at Care Well Medical Centre.

Care Well Medical Centre is a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi that is run under the supervision of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin. Hnece make sure to consult Dr. Bhasin with all your queries and he will let you shed all your worries prior to the surgery.

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