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ECP (External Counter Pulsation)

External Counterpulsation therapy is a non-invasive technique employing sequential inflation of three sets of lower extremity cuffs during diastole, with deflation at the onset of systole. Counterpulsation Therapy increases venous return, augments diastolic pressure and provides presystolic unloading. Counterpulsation provides benefits of decreased anginal frequency, improved exercise tolerance and improved stress myocardial perfusion in patients with chronic angina. It has been postulated from its similarities to the IABP that the hemodynamic effects of Counterpulsation result in collateral recruitment and/or development.

ECP is a Non- Surgical, Non- Drug, and treatment for heart disease that is used to relieve or eliminate Angina. During a session, the patient lies on a table with cuffs wrapped around his or her calves, and thighs, An air compressor inflates and deflates the cuffs gently with heart beat. Patients undergo 35 sessions. This develops new blood vessels- collaterals.

It is called Natural Bypass
ECP increases blood flow to heart, brain and kidney by 20-30%
ECP increases heart’s output by 12%
ECP decreases incidence of death by heart disease by 30 %
ECP is FDA Approved for treatment of stable Angina, heart failure & for angina in Patients Unfit for Surgery/ Angioplasty. Over 10 Million People Have Been Treated Successfully by ECP.
ECP is Safe, Non –invasive, No cut, No Pain, No Admission. It Costs Less than 1/3 of Angioplasty/ Bypass.
ECP is fully reimbursed by leading insurance companies.

With ECP, patients usually experience

  • Reduced chest pain
  • Improved blood flow
  • Reduced dependency on medications
  • Increased levels of exercise
  • Improved quality of life

Arterial Clearance Therapy

Chelation is a procedure in which medicine is given through intravenous drip. It removes heavy metals as lead, mercury, cadmium etc from the body. This treatment is recommended by American College of Advancement of Medicine.

Benefits of Chelation

  • Heavy metal Detoxification
  • Angina
  • Improving Circulation
  • Arthritis
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Preventing Amputation in Diabetes
  • Neurological Problems-Parkinsonism
  • Autism and Learning Disabilities Children
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