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Hair Transplant With FUT Method in New Delhi

Hair Transplant With FUT Method

FUT Method

FUT Method: A wound is sewed after removing the strip, leaving the scar at the back

In this method a strip is removed from the back of head, better known as donor’s site. A strip of specific measure as per the requirement is cut from the donor’s site. The strip is then painstakingly analyzed under magnifying instrument and every hair root is divided. The contributor territory is sewed utilizing 'Trichophytic Closure Technique’, which leaves a scarcely obvious scar. The hair is then transplanted on to the uncovered region where they develop characteristically. The greatest point of interest of this strategy is higher joining yield for every session.

This method was traditionally used for large areas to cover but with the advancement in technology, FUE hair transplant method is now more successful in comparison to FUT method.

Differences between Strip Method (FUT) and FUE Method of Hair Transplantation

  • Presently two methods of Hair Transplantation are popular. FUT (Strip method) and FUE method
  • FUT method involves removal of strip 25-30 cm long and 1-1.5 cm long from back of head
  • FUE method uses special machines to remove individual hair grafts
  • FUT surgery leaves a linear scar of 25-30 cm on back of head
  • FUE is usually done by Burrs or punches of .7 to .9 cm. This heals without any significant scar or mark.
  • FUT surgery involves incision and closure of wound. So flexibility of scalp tissue and scalp mobility is important for proper wound closure
  • FUE does not involve any wound closure so scalp mobility is not any issue
  • FUT involves longer post operative healing period 2-3 weeks
  • FUE heals much faster usually within a week time
  • FUT has significant post operative pain
  • FUE has minimal post operative pain
  • FUT can use back of head only as donor area
  • FUE can access Beard, Chest or any area for graft donor area
  • By FUT we can get 1500 -2000 grafts maximum in one sitting
  • FUE can extract upto 4000 grafts per sitting
  • FUT requires dissection, Stereoscopic camera for proper extraction
  • FUE does not require stereoscopic camera and graft dissection need not be done, so the time in graft dissection is saved
  • FUT is less time consuming and more economical
  • FUE is very time consuming and comparatively more expensive
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