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Face Rejuvenation Surgery in Delhi

Face is one of the most prominent body part in both men and women and who doesn’t want to have a beautiful face with youthful spirit. But facial skin is more prone to sagging and aging. As we grow old, our facial skin shows mark of aging with underlying tissues becoming loose. Even your neck skin slacks and your double chin shows up. Sometimes all this happens before time due to excess stress and improper cosmetic care, which takes toll on your face and skin. So, what can be done to get a fresh looking face with young skin? Care Well Medical Center has the permanent solution to this problem. Yes, Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, the main cosmetic surgeon and CEO of Care Well Medical Centre has the most advanced technology to make your face look youthful with tight skin. With deep SMAS facelift and short incision face lift procedures, you can get a new looking and completely rejuvenated face at Care Well Medical Centre.

If you are still apprehensive about this whole facial surgery process then let’s have a look as some of the procedures that can make you a whole new person.

Face Rejuvenation

What is Face Rejuvenation?

This is a process of transforming your face from old to new. Your sagged and aged skin is given a new lease of life by tightening the skin tissues and by removing the excess skin. The complexity of face surgery depends upon the requirement of the patient and it can vary from minimal face lifts, neck lifts to complex surgeries like Blephroplasty. All face transformation techniques are safe and performed under the expert guidance of skilled surgeons, so nothing will go wrong.

Facial Surgery Procedures

At Care Well Medical Centre, we undertake the following facial surgeries:

Deep SMAS, Mid Face, Short Incision Face Lift – All these are different types of face lifting techniques that are performed as per the requirement of the patient or according to the scope of face lifting. There is a Superficial MusculoAponeurotic System (SMAS) layer on your face that covers the cheek fat. This layer loosens with age causing slacking of skin. Using face lifting techniques this layer is tightened that in turn rejuvenate your face. Mid face and short incision face lifts are among the other methods to tighten your facial skin.
Fractional Laser in Face Rejuvenation – Also known as laser resurfacing, this procedure treats your damaged columns of skin using high-energy laser technique. There is no scrabbing and bleeding involved in this surgery and it shows excellent results.
Thread Lift of Face - This technique of face lifting is done using a non-absorbable thread that is inserted into deep tissues of your skin to tighten the underlying tissues. The thread provides support to your cheek and jaw skin and avoid its sagging.
Blepharoplasty – Under this surgery, defects, disfiguration and deformities of eyelids have been corrected by either removing excess tissues or repositioning them. For beautification of your eye area, we also do brow lift.
Neck Lift – Like face, neck skin also loosens with age and to tighten this skin, you can undergo our neck lift surgery, which is completely safe and successfully performed.

Whichever surgery you choose, you must be ready for certain risks as follows:

• Infection at the site of incision
• Bleeding and build-up of fluid under the skin
• Permanent tingling and numbness at operated area
• Skin breakdown and visible scarring

However, at Care Well Medical Centre, we ensure to perform all surgeries with minimal risks. You can consult our experts for further procedures.

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