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In ENT surgery different kinds of diseases related to Nose, Ear, Throat, Head and Neck are treated. In this article I will discuss in detail the typical types of surgeries that are used in the treatment of the mentioned diseases. Let’s start with the first one that is Endoscopic treatment of Nasal Polyp.

Endoscopic treatment of Nasal Polyp

In this typical type surgery, blockage of nasal cavity resulting from Nasal polyp. In this disease the nasal cavity suffers abnormality and stops functioning properly. This disease contains inflammatory fluid that creates a lining near the nasal cavity. So in this surgery entire large polyp is removed using endoscopic telescope. Thus giving complete relief to the patient. The symptoms of this disease are that either nose is blocked or the patient suffers from a poor sense of smell and taste. Coupled with these symptoms, some patients also experience running nose or sneezing. In the process of treatment, small endoscopic instrument is inserted into the nose and infection is removed thereby. To reduce the intensity of this disease, nasal sprays containing steroids are also used. After under passing this surgery the patient is in position to breath properly.


Sinus surgery

This surgery is undertaken with the aim to enhance the function of the sinuses. After undergoing this surgery the patient enables to restore the natural function of the sinuses. In addition to that, this surgery enlarges the opening of the nose, and removes the infection present in the cavity.


This surgical procedure is undertaken when the patients are feeling difficulty while taking breath. Along with that the patient suffering from this disease experience obstructive sleep and snoring. In this surgical process the tonsil is dissected from its surrounding.

Ear Drum Surgery

In this surgical procedure, the problem with the eardrum is detected and the tiny bone present in the ear drum are either replaced or repaired. The primary purpose of this surgery is to rectify any tear or damage that occurred to ear drum. During the surgery the surgeon cuts the ear behind or inner side of the ear canal. Moreover, smaller tiny holes are also repaired through gels or a special paper over the eardrum. There are many causes of ear drum failure, including larger holes, attachment of any infectious material with the eardrum and other such cases.

Thyroid Surgery

This is a typical form of surgical procedure that is undertaken to remove unwanted gland known as thyroid nodule appeared in throat. This creates serious problems and even can cause cancer, if timely treatment is not ensured. Prior to the surgery, patients are evaluated on the basis of their history and medical examination. After examination, complete thyroid surgery is conducted and that leads the patient to recover to the natural position.

Vocal Cord Polyp

Vocal cords polyps are infectious material that appear on the vocal cord and make the voice slowing and raspy. This makes the voice unclear and disturbing, besides this, there are also some other symptoms, that create a obstruction related to clear voice. After undergoing this surgery patients are recovered to their normal position where they can talk with clear voice.

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