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Hair Transplant With Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Method in New Delhi

Care Well Medical Centre breakthrough advancements in FUE Technology for the best results after Hair Transplant Treatment at our Delhi Center for Hair Loss

hair transplant in delhi

“No Hair to Dense Hair”

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Method

Follicular Unit Extraction from back of the Head

follicular unit extractio

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): A little roundabout cut in the skin is made around the follicular unit. This maintains a strategic distance from the need of a direct cut. FUE was created with a specific end goal to evade the straight scar that comes about because of hair transplantation utilizing the strip reaping strategy popularly known as FUT method. For the individuals who like to shave their heads or have an elegant buzz trim! It does make you ask why such people oblige hair transplantation in any case!

Individual scars delivered utilizing the FUE technique are various yet are amazingly little. The open wounds can sob and outside layer for a few days after hair transplantation, yet recuperating is largely great. The method is especially valuable for those patients with an expanded danger of giver scarring, for example, non-Caucasians. It ought to be noted that FUE does produce scarring, regardless of a typical confusion that this is not the situation. In any case, the individual scars are to a great degree little along these lines recuperating are regularly snappy. The methodology additionally causes insignificant interruption to those dynamic patients who tune in physical games, as recuperating is quick. In addition, there is negligible uneasiness in the contributor region and no post-agent torment in the beneficiary zone. Amid this method of hair transplant a little micropunch normally estimated 1mm or more modest is utilized to disconnect a gathering of hair. These gatherings having one to four hairs, called follicular units, are then assembled (hauled out) from the head. This leaves a pinpoint wound from the range of harvest. Along these lines the hair are taken out one after an alternate, until sufficient number of hair needed for that session have been gathered. Since FUE strategy obliges cautious and fragile taking care of, it is conceivable to gather just 3000-4000 follicular units for every session. A normal session may most recent 8 hours and may need to be rehashed, if going bald range or graft necessity is far reaching.

With FUE, it is conceivable to utilize non-scalp hair, for example, facial hair or other body hair, to supplement the scalp hair transplantation system. Sadly, such hair is frequently a poor match with scalp hair and is subsequently just of negligible profit.


In 2 to 3 months the result is visible and the complete outcome can be seen in 6 months after the hair transplant surgery. The result is always a dense hair.

Recovery Time

With FUE method, one can immediately drive back to home and healing of small wounds will take a week’s time.

hair transplant in delhi

“Differences between Strip Method (FUT) and FUE Method of Hair Transplantation"

  • Presently two methods of Hair Transplantation are popular. FUT (Strip method) and FUE method
  • FUT method involves removal of strip 25-30 cm long and 1-1.5 cm long from back of head
  • FUE method uses special machines to remove individual hair grafts
  • FUT surgery leaves a linear scar of 25-30 cm on back of head
  • FUE is usually done by Burrs or punches of .7 to .9 cm. This heals without any significant scar or mark.
  • FUT surgery involves incision and closure of wound. So flexibility of scalp tissue and scalp mobility is important for proper wound closure
  • FUE does not involve any wound closure so scalp mobility is not any issue
  • FUT involves longer post operative healing period 2-3 weeks
  • FUE heals much faster usually within a week time
  • FUT has significant post operative pain
  • FUE has minimal post operative pain
  • FUT can use back of head only as donor area
  • FUE can access Beard, Chest or any area for graft donor area
  • By FUT we can get 1500 -2000 grafts maximum in one sitting
  • FUE can extract upto 4000 grafts per sitting
  • FUT requires dissection, Stereoscopic camera for proper extraction
  • FUE does not require stereoscopic camera and graft dissection need not be done, so the time in graft dissection is saved
  • FUT is less time consuming and more economical
  • FUE is very time consuming and comparatively more expensive
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