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Incurable White Patches, Cured !!!

This regarding our patient Suman with Vitligo for last 20 years. He was suffering from leucoderma or white patches for last 20 years and was diagnosed as a case of Acral and generalized viltligo. This means white patches were all over the body and were present even on palms and lips. Acral vitligo is very difficult to treat and is resistant to most treatment options. Patient was treated by 4-5 leading Dermatologists by using medicines as Psoralen. PUVA therapy, etc. All these treatments were not tolerated by the patient his liver function would become abnormal as a result his treatment had to be aborted. Suman came to Care Well Medical Centre 5 months back and under supervision of Dr. Sandeep Bhasin his treatment was started.

He was put on following regimen

Ozone immunotherapy was given twice a month.In ozone immunotherapy 5 ml of patients blood is taken and mixed with Ozone gas and injected intramuscularly. This helps in immune balancing and is useful in many auto immune diseases. This therapy is effective in allergies, auto immune hepatitis, Psoriasis, Eczemas etc.

His immune balancing was done based on Dr Faud Lachin’s Protocol. In this protocol the imbalance between Th1 and Th2 immune system was balanced. In Vitligo TH1 immune system is over active. So with special medicines this balance is tilted towards Th2 profile. Medicine that were used included special amino acids as Phenyl alanine, Tyrosine, Medicines as Arkamine, Pioglitazone, Trifluperazine, Pindolol and Busprinon . Topical application of Calciptrol, Bumatoprost and Melgain was used.

Normally these medicines are from different group of druga and conventional medicine would never recommend the use of these medicines for vitligo. But in Lechin’s work these medicines work by working on neurotransmitters balancing them. So as a result they balance immune therapy. This immune balancing can be very helpful in Diseases as Mysthenia Gravis, Cancers, Sjogren Syndrome, Arthritis, Asthma.

Patient responded in splendid way and in 5 months his 90% white patches were covered. What was really amazing was even his white patches on Palms and lips responded and very covered upto 70% which is very difficult and rare even after surgery.

We are also using melanocyte Transplantation in our set up for leucoderma cases not responding to medical treatment. But there also we are not able to treat vitligo on palms and acral aspect.

This proves that immune imbalance is root cause of many diseases and by immune balancing we can recover so called incurable diseases only we have to think out of box, be innovative in our approach.

The patient is still under our treatment and we will update abou the final outcome of this case as the time progresses.

Fix Eyelid Deformities With Blepharoplasty!

You can look inside the soul of a person through his eyes. Eyes are indeed, the most important feature in our appearance but it’s not just the colour of the eye that matters. The eyelid of a person is equally important whether in terms of beauty or functionality. Normal eyelids would have visible creases to show the roundness of the eyeball. However fat induced eyelids look puffy and are heavy which sometimes blurs vision. Droopy eyelids makes a person appear tired and lethargic. These defects affect both the functioning and appearance of our eyes. However, most eyelid defects can be fixed by a Blepharoplasty or Eyelid surgery.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is the removal of fat cells or skin through a surgical procedure. This procedure improves the appearance of both lower and upper eyelids. Blepharoplasty can be done separately or along with other surgeries like face lift and eye brow lift.

What are the conditions treated by Blepharoplasty?

• Puffiness on the upper eyelids
• Droopiness and fine lines in the lower eyelids
• Sagginess of the upper eyelid which disturbs the upper lining of the eyelids

Who should opt for the treatment?

• Patients who have a clear vision of the desired goal
• People who don’t smoke
• People with serious eye conditions
• Healthy people with no health complications

How does Blepharoplasty work?

First the surgeon marks the lining on the eyelid that has the puffiness. Then incisions are made using anaesthesia. The surgeon removes the extra fat and skin from the area whose underlying deep muscles are tightened to easily pull off the fat. The incisions are closed by the surgeon using fine sutures to avoid scarring.
Transconjuctival Blepharoplasty is used for lower eyelid surgery.
Excessive laxity of eyes is taken care of by tightening the edges of the eye with Canthoplasaty.

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