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Orthopaedic Surgeries in Delhi | Orthopaedic Surgen in Delhi

Orthopedic services deal with the treatment related to theskeletal system, including bones, muscles, etc. when an abnormality occurs due to any injury, resulting from falling from heights or any other reason, in addition, it also deals with infection of bones, congenital disorders, degenerative diseases and tumors. Here in this article, I will discuss the orthopedic services mentioning almost all types of disease along with their symptoms and remedies in the form of surgeries. These types of surgeries are as follows:

Fracture Clinic- treatment of all fractures

Fracture clinic deals with all types of treatment related to fractures that result from any type of the causes mentioned in the above paragraph. The most common fractures include, of arms, legs or any other bone of body parts. Due to any rigorous work undertaken, or due to sports injuries, bones are fracture which are too painful. The ones who are faced with the deficiency of calcium are likely to be more frequently suffer from such diseases. These fractures are treated through surgical procedures whereby an expert surgeon rebind the bond to their initial position by using modern surgical equipment.

Orthopaedic Surgeries

Surgically with implants- Fracture of forearm

This is also a type of fracture whereby a person fractures his/her forearm. This mostly occurs when a person with less stamina or weak bones attempt to lift heavy objects. This may also occur due to any sports activity. The treatment of such type of fracture depends on the intensity of the fracture. Sometimes, if the fracture is of low intensity then the treatment is undertaken through medicine, whereas high intensity fractures need proper surgery, where the fractured parts of bones are bond with the help of surgical instruments and the fractures recover soon. It is also worth to mention that if the fractures are not timely treated through surgical procedures, it may cause serious health issues like physical impairment and even causes cancer.


This is a long bone that joins the elbow with your forearms, this bone also suffers from abnormality related to this arm. When the tissues are infected due to any reason that results in the abnormality of Humerus, due to which it stops proper functioning. The body of this bone is cylindrical in upper portion. When such bone abnormality occurs, it is imperative that the patient should undergo surgical procedure. Surgeons treat this with a surgical instrument without giving much pain to the patients.


This is the bone, which is part of leg below the knee. It serves that key supporting function. Without the proper function of this part, a person is unable to even stand or walk. Its proper functioning is obstructed when it is infected or fractured. So to ensure its remedy, surgeon are there, who treat this disease by passing the patient through surgical procedures.

Femur Neck

This is also a part of the bone that connects the femoral head with femoral shaft. Its infection also causes grave problems, when it is abnormal due to any reason, it is treated through surgical procedures.

In addition, to the above mentioned diseases related to bones, there are some other diseases also that are treated via surgical procedures, which are as follows:

• Hip Replacement
• Arthroscopy Centre- Arthroscope of joints
• Patella

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