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A Life transforming workshop to understand your deeper self. Based on works of Alexender Louis, Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Leonard Orr, exploring cuting edge technology of using body pscyotherapy and breath work for self transformation.

Rebirthing is a profound experience that brings one to it's core. Deep memories stored since childhood, birth memories, past life experiences etc are unfurled by this technique. Once these subconcious unproceesed data is surfaced up it is integrated into concious mind by a process called Auditing.

All this brings forth self awareness, self expression and self possesion. One can feel immediate increase in level of energy . sense of prana flowing in whole body , conflicts resolving and one filled with ecstasy.

Rebirthing has many positive effects on physical health. Alexander Louis a founder of this system is 94 years and still healthy, actively writing books and engaged in conducting workshops. Leonord Orr another person who laid foundations is above 75 years in perfect health. Infact Leonard had 5 major diseases including heart disease, kidney problem, diabetes before he started rebirthing.

Rebithing is one workshop which gives me deep sense of connection with inner being and allows to pour out all my stresses and conflicts . It has expanded my understanding body mind relationship. It also has made it clear how releasing all blockages can connect me to cosmic source.

Course Content for 4 Day Rebirthing Seminar

1. Understanding Body language to asses where one is holding conflicts
2. Diagnosing Ego defence patterns by reading body
3. Releasing subconcious memories by rebirthing programme
4. Auditing way to integrate subconcious matter into concious awareness
5. Role playing and processing conflicts

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