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Thread Lift

Thread Lift of Face

Some time most of us wonder while we are in front of mirror hoping that time should take back in our past and stop over there making us as youthful and young as we were at that time ,for ever making this sagging skin vanish from our face. Do you ever think why these lines come up giving us old look? As we get older and ageing process starts the connective tissues of our muscles becomes thin and collagen and elastic fibres break down making our skin sagging says Dr Sandeep Bhasin a world famous Cosmetologist and Director Care well medical centre. He said in early forties we experience quite unique changes in our bodies like sagging support structures, deep creases, folds and wrinkles both in men and women which makes them look older. Now the time has come where we no longer need to worry about it as the new and innovative technology called Thread lift of face at Dr Sandeep Bhasin’s clinic made it possible to get rid of these sagging lines and look younger and fresh.

Thread Lift: A New Concept

It is a minimally invasive technique non surgical procedure, safe and effective that produces natural looking results for both the gender. Our technique uses cogs of threads which are unique and these threads are hold in line by the surrounding tissues in place and there are no visible scars on the face. The small and tiny incisions are made behind the hair line from where the threads are advanced along the already marked contours. The firm hold is created by these threads on the underlying tissues without causing additional trauma. These cogs are fixed to the tissues and work as holding it. After some times the body start generating new collagen bundles around each thread and lifting effect is maintained.

How It Is Done Pre Procedure And Post Procedure FAQ

  1. Thread lift is most commonly performed under local an aesthesia.
  2. It does not take long time usually done with in 60 to 90 minutes. But time depends on the no. of threads used. After procedure can go home soon.
  3. The droopy areas of brow, cheeks, face and neck are lifted by tiny surgical sutures. These sutures have tiny teeth like cogs that grasp on to and lift the soft tissues.
  4. At Care Well Medical Centre a qualified surgeon insert these threads in to precise locations with the help of a long needle and after that they open like umbrella and form a support structure. This structure repositions the tissues into a more vertical and youthful position. The needle is removed once the lift is achieved and thread is cut and knotted. These non absorbable thread than retract deep inside the skin and nobody can feel or see it and provide the support.
  5. There is mild swelling and bruising and minimal pain after the procedure, bruising may remain for some time.
  6. You have to avoid trauma and disruptions by following instructions which doctors at Care well medical centre will give to you after the procedure otherwise there will be problem in lift effect.
  7. Most of the times the results are excellent but the degree of improvement.

Does there is any Risk In Thread Facelift

  1. Thread facelift procedure usually does not have any complications if the operating surgeon is experienced one. Like in care well medical centre and under Dr Sandeep Bhasin there are rare chances of complications.
  2. As this technique is entirely reversible if there is any complication the unwanted effects are corrected immediately.
  3. The important thing that any person should always remember is that the operating doctor should be highly qualified and should have great surgical skills. Like In India Dr Sandeep Bhasin is performing these thread facelift surgeries in His state of the art Care well Medical Centre without any complications.
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