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FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE or follicular Unit extraction is a minimally invasive technique of hair transplantation in which hair follicles are removed form the donor area of the patient’s body and than these follicles are placed in the recipient area which has low growth of hairs or called as bald area of head. The FUE procedure is done under local anesthesia thus culminating the risks and downtime associated with general anesthetic procedure which is used in other hair transplant procedure. The result is permanent. As it is minimally invasive technique and a precision tool is used the donor area does not have a linear scar and no stitches are done which means donor area does not have any scarring.

Why Choose Care well medical centre for FUE?

At care well medical centre all the hair restoration procedures are performed by and under supervision of highly skilled surgeons who have dedicated their practice exclusively for hair restoration. Here the patients hairline is restored and recreated keeping in their original hair growth pattern.

Benefits of a Care well medical centre FUE

  • Hair transplant is done by specialized surgeons who are expert in FUE catering to hundreds of patients every year.
  • During FUE you can watch TV or can sleep as it is minimally invasive and is done under local anesthesia.
  • There is no scarring in FUE as compared FUT procedure which means minimum recovery time in comparison to FTP.
  • Instruments at Care well medical centre are latest and state of art facilities are provided thus minimum trauma to your scalp.
  • No body can detect easily about your surgical procedure due to our advanced technology.
  • There are no linear scarring across the back of your head, you can wear any style long or short.
  • Care well medical centre ensures the strongest and healthiest hair follicle is used as we do not work hair per graft. As a result the treated area will be densely filled.

How FUE is performed in Care well Medical Centre?

The surgeons at carewell medical centre use a tiny instrument and remove individual follicular unit from patients scalp by making a tiny circular incision around the follicular unit to take out the graft by tweezer like instruments. This isolated extracted graft is than prepared by highly trained technicians of Care well medical centre to be placed at the bald area. These isolated follicular particles remain in an optimal condition and are arranged into different groups depending on the no of hair contained in each unit. Normally it varies from 1-4 in no. These follicles are set at the required area by an artistic view.

A) Preparation of donor area
The donor area is trimmed short so the doctors can optimally visualize and work on the patients scalp.

B) Follicular Unit Placement
Follicular unit with 1-4 hair are than strategically placed at bald area which recreates the normal natural looking area.

C) Donor Area healing
The donor area heals completely in a few days as the incisions made for extraction of follicular unit are tiny apertures. These tiny apertures are round and contract as they heal making it hardly detectable.

D) Hair Growth
New hair starts growing after approximately three months of procedure in the same pattern as the one’s native hairs. The patient notice significant regrowth in an around six months and continue to grow naturally.

Care well Medical centre under the guidance and vision Dr Sandeep Bhasin has established itself as the leading centre for hair transplant and cosmetic surgery.

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