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Affordable Treatment for Vitiligo

Welcome to the webpage of the Care Well Vitiligo Treatment center in Delhi

The Care Well Vitiligo Treatment center Delhi is a private specialised cosmetic clinic founded by Dr. Sandeep Bhasin, Vitiligo Specialist with more than 10 years experience in the distinct field of Vitilgo and Pigmentation treatment.

The aim and intent of the Care Well Vitiligo Treatment center Delhi is to counter the need and demand from sufferer to obtain an authentic diagnosis and yielding treatment of their skin condition. There are various and different causes of loss of pigmentation and also the most common one, Vitiligo consists of several subgroups of different background.

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Vitiligo: Appears in 1-2% of the population and is a miscellaneous group. Vitiligo is a very complicated disease and the background cause is both polygenetic and multi factorial. For this reason every patient has to be treated as an alone and unique case to get the best results with a appropriate treatment process. Vitiligo can be sub grouped into 3 different types.

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»  The generalized type of vitiligo is the most common and present often as regular and two sided spots/patches. Vitiligo usually progresses over the years and has elements of auto immunity. Generalised vitiligo also called Vitiligo Vulgaris is the most heterogenic and complex group and consists of several branches.

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»  Segmental vitiligo is another type of vitiligo, which is localised, independent and remains permanent over the years. The distribution follows one or two adjacent sensory nerve segments and an elevated level of local neuro peptides can be discover during the active phase.

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We have developed the pigment cell or melanocyte transplantation procedure which today is the best Standard in the surgical treatment of Vitiligo.

We have also obtained the most recent light therapy unit, allowing targeted vitiligo treatment with focused UVB light at the optimal wavelength to treat progressive vitiligo wound.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific condition. We will work hard to help you improve your skin condition with the most suitable treatment regimen.

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